Obstetric Fistula

Kwaaba Foundation realizes that there are other healthcare issues that need its attention and assists in other areas when the need arises. One of such has been obstetric fistula. Obstetric Fistula is a very debilitating condition which sometimes affects young women in carrying out the normal process of child bearing when labor becomes difficult. In the process, the young woman develops a communicating hole between the bladder and the front passage or the rectum and the front passage. Occasionally, she develops both and also, infections. As a result of this condition, the patient smells of urine or faeces with the result being ostracization by her family.

Unfortunately, facilities for dealing with these cases – such as the general gynecology ward at the Korle-Bu Hospital – are not many. The patients are most often shunned by family members and the society, because of the stench. These fistula patients usually do not know where to get help and even when they do, cannot afford it. The Foundation has funded several operations to rectify this condition.

There are times when certain events occur which demands immediate attention. Thus, though not initially part of the annual plan of the Foundation, it makes provision to assist in dealing with such cases.