Kwaaba Foundation
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The vulnerable in society should not be underprivileged. There are so many needless deaths that can be prevented if everyone does his/her bit...
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Socio-Economic Empowerment

The Foundation believes that in helping others, you help yourself. Realizing the water situation in Ofei Yaw, the Foundation constructed a borehole for the community...
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Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

The Foundation has been supportive of the less vulnerable in society. About 800 bars of Guardian carbolic soap were donated to the people of Ofei Yaw...
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A substantial number of story books and text books across the various disciplines and across all ages were donated in 2019 to educate and empower children in various communities.

Kwaaba Foundation in collaboration with the National Blood Service of Ghana has launched a Blood Donation Tracker app to track all blood donations in the second circle institutions in Ghana.

The initiative seeks to address the lack of real-time and consolidated stock data at blood banks.