Blood is vital, donate out of love — Brand Ambassador

Maame Kwaaba Stephens, Brand Ambassador, National Blood Service, Ghana on Sunday said blood is a vital product that saves lives and called on Ghanaians to donate it out of love.

She said, many medical conditions rely on blood so there was the need for constant supply to ensure that those who need it readily access it.

She made the call during a blood donation awareness walk organised over the weekend by the Kaysens Group and supported by the National Blood Service, Ghana in commemoration of her birthday.

Dubbed” March March 2020” the exercise which targeted both current and potential donors, also seek to encourage people to know the need for blood donation.

Ms Stephens said the whole idea of the exercise was to generate awareness and start a conversation on the need to stock blood and the challenges facing the National Blood Service.

“Blood cannot be manufactured so when blood is not available, it is not available “, she added.

The Ambassador said donating blood helps to purify the body because as you take out old blood it is replaced with new blood and which makes one healthier.

It also helps reduce the risk of some diseases like stroke which in a way becomes a benefit to the donor and the one who receives it adding that donating blood goes beyond the patient who receives it, but also goes a way to touch the lives of their families and the society at large.

“The awareness on blood donation is getting better and coming up slowly, more and more people are getting to know about it and there was an opportunity to do more.

“Blood should be waiting for the patients and not patients waiting for blood”, she added and thanked the numerous sponsors who had been able to put the exercise together.

Dr Justina Ansah, CEO, National Blood Service, encouraged Ghanaian to donate blood to help stock the blood bank.

“Blood is not manufactured but rather must be donated by someone processed into medicine and given to people “, she said.

She said every country must be self-sufficient when it comes to blood and must be available when needed.

Dr Ansah said one must be between the ages of 17 to 60 before he or she could donate blood and should weigh a minimum of 50-kilograms.

She urged the media and the general public to help in advocating blood donation.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Joshua Alorgbey, a donor said he started donating blood in the year 2000 and had donated 35 times.

He said donating blood boost his immune system to perform better and prevent him from contacting diseases adding that love and compassion drives him to donate blood.

The event, started with aerobics, followed by an early morning walk from the Ayi Mensah police station to the Peduase Methodist Basic School.

Lele Group presented packages to every donor as appreciation for their donation.