Auto fraternity holds blood donation exercise

The BMW Club of Ghana in partnership with the National Blood Service has held its second blood donation exercise aimed at helping to supplement existing stock at the blood bank.

The event, which was held in collaboration with various members of the auto fraternity, saw in attendance many club members and bystanders.

The aim of the exercise was to collect 400 pints of blood through voluntary donation to replenish existing stocks at the blood bank.

Maame K Stephens, the Executive Director Keysens Group and Ambassador for Voluntary Blood Donation, said blood is a gift of life and it is important to always have it available to help save lives.

She said people need to know that donating blood freely and voluntarily is a godly act which could help save many.

“I am looking forward to a day when giving blood becomes a life style for many Ghanaians. We need to get there so that anytime people walk into the health facility in need of blood, they can easily be assisted,” she said.

She said this is important as there are so many needless deaths and people are being turned away because of the shortage of blood and urged all to support the cause.

Ms Stephens said everybody at age 17 and above can donate blood and appealed to them to walk into the offices of the National Blood Service or hospitals and donate blood to save lives.

She said the blood bank is currently surviving on the family replacement system which was not enough, hence the need for more voluntary donors

She expressed gratitude to all voluntary donors and urged them not to relent in their efforts and keep donating.

Nana Stephens, the Executive Director, BMW Club Ghana and Lead Organiser of the Auto Fraternity Blood Drive, said the event was recognised by BMW Global.

He said people hold negative notions about blood donation because of their superstitious and cultural beliefs and the exercise was also to create the needed awareness to deal with those perceptions.

Mr Stephens called on all to think of their fellow brothers and sisters as far as blood donation was concerned to enable them donate voluntarily.

There were also fun activities such as a cooking competition, dancing competition and bike racing among others.